About Us

Mama Turney's was founded by Mike and Barbara Turney in 1996 out of the need for a homemade pie that could be mass produced and not lose it's homemade taste and appeal. A pie that someone could purchase at a local store and place in their own container, warm, and take to a family gathering boasting about the wonderful pie that they had made! This business is owned by the Turney's , but operated daily by the grace and mercy of God.

This business began out of Mama Turney's kitchen baking 3 pies an hour and selling them from a small barbeque restaurant. After noticing that some customers came in just for the pie, Mike asked Barbara about pursuing just selling pies full time as their own business venture. With the scripture "Romans 8:28" in mind, they set out together to form a faith driven business that would begin with 3 customers, and grow to several thousand in just a few short years.

The chess, chocolate, and pecan pie, the mainstays of Mama Turney's, began with recipes developed by Barbara Turney and savored by all who tasted them. The sweet potato pie is the only recipe that was originally Georgia Turney's, Mike Turney's mother, who the company is named after. Barbara and her sons have worked numerous hours perfecting these recipes to what they are today.